It is one of the most complex, interesting and time-consuming 18th century cultural heritage project, during which the reconstruction of the Arnioniai manor house and an ensemble of other buildings (a total of 2,800 sq. m.) is being implemented, according to special reconstruction methodologies applied to heritage protection objects. This means that cooperation and mutual understanding of professional specialists, special attention to valuable reproducible details, special work process and methodologies, their supervision, flexibility in project development, ability to manage deadlines and quality control of specialists in individual fields are especially important in the project. Much attention is paid not only to buildings but also to the environment. With the help of professional experts, a large (7 ha) park and ponds are being restored, managed and nurtured.


The implementation of heritage projects is special in that you are an intermediate link between past and future generations - restoring what our ancestors created and leaving it to our great-grandchildren.




7 ha