Birštono Vilos

In one of the most beautiful Lithuanian resorts - Birstonas, a new, modern, luxurious, modern residential complex is being developed. On the bank of the Nemunas river, in the central park of Birstonas, four luxury A + energy class apartment buildings are being built.


The project aims to turn the abandoned 0.65 ha of the former Druskupis territory into a sustainable, modern residential project that will be relevant not only today, but also for future generations. The project is attractive for both personal needs and investors, as all apartments are fully equipped, which means that the Buyer does not have to worry about finishing work, which is not only a creative process, but also a lot of work done by developers.


The construction of Birstonas villas started in the summer of 2018. Construction is expected to be completed in autumn 2022.




6200 kv.m.