Leisure and cynology center with training and exhibition grounds.


In a wonderful 14-hectare area near Vilnius, there is a leisure and cynology center, a dog hotel, training and exhibition grounds, a training center and a German Shepherd kennel.


This is a unique first such project not only in Lithuania, but also in the Baltic States.


We have been involved in this project since the idea was put forward. We found the most suitable location for such a complex, organized the acquisition and amalgamation of four plots into one array, processed documents related to the change of purpose of the plots. We organize the design work of buildings and landscape, we pay maximum attention to it, because the further success of the project development and implementation depends on the correct and intelligent architectural solutions.


The uniqueness of the project development is that no such projects have existed in Lithuania yet and we must make every effort in cooperation with architects to implement the project using the best foreign experience.




14 ha